We believe that digital solutions can bring about real transformation in the quality and delivery of health and care services both in developed and developing health care systems

No problem is too big or too small to us. We are developing practical solutions to improve the quality and efficiency in the delivery health and care services by integrating the right technologies with simple workflows. Our design principle is to keep it simple, secure and scalable. Here are some products in our portfolio.

The intelligent MDT tool

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CareCliq enables a multi-disciplinary team collaborate seamlessly to deliver personalised care to care home residents

CareCliq provides a single source of resident's concerns that can be shared with multiple care professionals. It enables multiple real-time inputs by MDT members that can be reviewed anytime. It provides easy access to resident care plans and medication reviews so the MDT members can make informed reviews. With features like image and document sharing, it improves the quality of professional inputs an associated care activities.

CareCliq helps care homes integrate with the wider NHS

Care home residents have complex medical needs which require clinical inputs from stakeholders across different settings of health and care system. The care home sector faces a significant challenge in delivering timely, consistent, and accurate care communication between various stakeholders resulting in inefficient processes and compromised quality of care. CareCliq bridges this gap with an intelligent tool to bring together a multi-disciplinary team to deliver quality care.

CareCliq integrates with GP systems and facilitates weekly virtual rounds of the care homes

CareCliq enables timely access to clinical advice for care home staff and residents. It facilitates weekly GP / Clinical lead review of patients identified as priority. It will be integrated with the GP systems to the GP notes are updated in their GP record. A unique switchable inbuilt video consulting functionality offers both one-way and two-way viewing to enhance the experience of virtual rounds. With single source of resident data, progressive reviews of care issues will be possible.


AI Powered Clinic Management Platform

TalkMediq is a versatile clinic management platform for "developed" developing health care systems in countries like India, South Africa and Brasil. Talkmediq is  


Integrated and continuously monitoring AI conversational agents intuitively automate post consultation follow up tasks and provide continuous care, even  after the clinical consultation has been completed


Innovative AI technology that seamlessly integrates with clinical management systems and creates easy workflow for both patients and clinicians so that the valuable consultation time is used efficiently 


Intelligent deep learning algorithms with intimate knowledge of the patients health and care needs, proactively intervene with relevant and authentic information and support, and make it easy for the patients to self manage their wellbeing 

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